Meet Our Team

Who is InsuranceDirect123?
InsuranceDirect123 is a T3 financial company that was established in January of 2014. Initially, the primary goal of InsuranceDirect123 was to make the insurance buying experience easier for customers. However, within a relatively short period of time, it became very clear to us that we had an additional opportunity. Actually, we had a MISSION. That mission was to help preserve, promote, and protect the independent insurance agent style platform. Because many independent insurance agents can’t afford to compete with online platforms that are consistently being created by the major insurance carriers, InsuranceDirect123 was born.

How does InsuranceDirect123 work?

In 2015, we reworked our website to serve dual insurance purposes. We now provide real-time insurance quotes from the four major insurance industry sectors. These are Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Homeowners Insurance. We offer quotes for insurance from some of the most well known and strongest insurance company brands in the insurance industry. Customers receive affordable rate options from these quotes. Professional independent insurance agents can utilize our online insurance platform as an online marketing tool. In essence, we assist them in facilitating insurance sales as well as cross-selling insurance to their customers.

In a Nutshell!
Essentially, is a site created by professional insurance agents for professional insurance agents. The website is a lead generation site for our insurance agents and those agencies that are affiliated with us. However, our agents have a tool that is a powerful multifaceted online marketing platform in this website. Truly, with our state of the art quoting app and our four engine quoting system, this website is an agent’s customizable “One Stop Shop” approach for customers interested in buying insurance. In addition, marketing firepower is what we give our agents! They can generate pertinent and fresh leads while providing personal and professional insurance advice customers have come to appreciate and expect over the years when dealing directly with professional insurance agents.

Finally, InsuranceDirect123 has become the ultimate insurance buying and selling platform. Why? Because we make buying and selling insurance EASY! So, contact us today!