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Life is Precious. Protect It in Three Easy Steps.

Step 1. Personal Protection with Health Insurance

Shopping for health insurance. Though the mere thought of it gives you a headache, it is necessary. So very necessary.

Having the appropriate Health Insurance policy in place for you and your family can mean the difference between financial comfort and bankruptcy – or worse. You owe it to yourself and your family to take health issues seriously. Having a good health insurance policy can greatly reduce reluctance to see your doctor or fill prescriptions based on the “can I afford it?” mindset. Because Insurance Direct 123 works with independent agents who can shop and compare policy options, we are confident we can help you find a health insurance policy with premiums and copays that fit your budget.

If you feel secure in the type and amount of health insurance you are looking for, Insurance Direct 123 also offers an easy online quote option. Use our online application to answer a few quick questions, and the best options for your situation will quickly be offered up for your consideration. Still have questions or concerns? Contact us directly and we will put you in touch with one of our independent agents well-versed in the fine points of health insurance.

Step 2. Long Term Protection with Life Insurance

Life Insurance plays a crucial role in your overall financial planning strategy for both you and your family. Your life insurance policy should be based on your current financial needs and goals, while also acting as a safety net for your family with regards to final expenses. Insurance Direct 123 can get you started on finding the right type and amount of life insurance for the right price.

As life happens, your financial needs and goals are bound to change. A singular event – a new job, divorce, new baby – can turn your world upside down. It is important to communicate life changes such as these to your agent. Insurance Direct 123’s objective is to ensure your personal needs and goals can continue to be met. Apply online or give us a call for more detailed information.

Step 3. Home, Auto, & Pet Insurance to Cover Every Aspect of Life

So now you are healthy and have your life insurance plan in place – time to relax. Almost. Insurance Direct 123 can also help put your mind at ease regarding the continuous challenges of daily life – what to do about the tree limb that fell on your fence, the fender-bender your teen had at the mall, or poor Waggles the dog’s goopy eye. Our independent agents specialize in home insurance, auto insurance, and even pet insurance. Apply online for a homeowners or auto insurance quote, or contact us for more information on these and any other types of insurance coverage in which you’re interested.

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