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Marylands Noahs Law Enacted  The Drunk Driving Reduction Act of 2016 is also called Marylands Noahs Law. This law brings Maryland into compliance with ignition interlock device standards. These standards are set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Noahs Law is named for police officer Noah A. Leotta, who, while on duty, was struck and killed by a drunk driver. This law mandates that every individual convicted of drunk … Read More

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Buying A Home Buying a house is an exciting but daunting event. Once you have found your dream house and your offer has been accepted, the focus will be on all of the paperwork that must be taken care of before the closing. Regardless of whether you are purchasing your first or even your third house, the tips that follow will help you make it through the process.  Insurance Tips for … Read More

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How Much is Too Much? Last spring the nonprofit consumer group, Washington Consumers’ Checkbook, gathered sample premiums from the Maryland/DC/Virginia area’s largest homeowners insurance providers. After grouping the findings by area and type of home – for example, a typical frame house in Montgomery County – Checkbook found major disparities in policy premiums within each group. With some agencies charging more than twice as much for the same homeowners policy, … Read More

On your insurance policy, do you know whether you carry liability only coverage, full coverage, or a combination of both on your vehicles? Liability coverage pays for the damage you do to another person or to their property. When you add Comprehensive coverage and Collision coverage, you are adding coverages that carry with them deductibles. These coverages pay for damage that happens to your vehicle once you have paid your … Read More