Agent Opportunity

Agent Opportunity

​Joining Insurancedirect123 as agent offers you tremendous benefits that will help you grow your business exponentially. Our agent-focused approach gives agents the opportunity to build the kind of business that gives them high earning potential and brings tremendous value to them.

Our agents have to start with a generous commission rate and supplemental increases based on production. The commission rates are as follows:

Commission Schedule:

Line of Business
Starting Commission Rate
Life Insurance Products
Auto Insurance
Homeowners Insurance
Health Insurance

​Our straightforward approach lets our agents know what their compensation will be each line of business their clients. Our agents will also receive a referral fee for each line of business they are not licensed with that they refer business to us. We also offer our agents a $25.00 for qualified referrals.

*Qualified referrals are those referrals where the agent is directly working with the client and they have entered the prospect’s contact information in our CRM system.

We have a tremendous virtual back office support system and marketing system for our agents. Our agents have the capacity to market themselves independently of the Insurancedirect123 brand and still receive marketing and co-op advertising from Insurancedirect123 corporate marketing program.

We offer our agents a cost-effective discounted leads program designed to enhance the agent’s marketing efforts and build their customer base. Our agents get the opportunity to take advantage of our state of the art leads program at a discounted rate.

We finally offer all agents who join our team an exciting bonus opportunity to receive a free travel incentive where agents can arrange their own travel, create their dream vacations and get compensation for it. We offer this incentive to all agents who generate their 1 st 10k in business through our agency. That’s right we will pay 100% of the upfront cost to establish you with your own travel incentive business. This gives you the opportunity to offer travel discount services to your clients as well as set up your own dream vacation for you and your family. While getting paid for the travel you get an opportunity to promote you insurance business. We look at this as a WIN-WIN for you the agent and your clients.

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