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We provide real-time insurance quotes from the four major insurance industry sectors. These are Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, Pet Insurance, and Homeowners Insurance for residents nationwide.


The implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the Health Insurance Marketplace has significantly changed the way people think about buying their health insurance. But big picture – not that much has changed.


Having the right life insurance policy in place plays a crucial role in your overall financial planning strategy. Insurance Direct 123 can get you started on finding the right amount of life insurance for the right price. Get a quote today and protect your family and assets.


You want to live life to the fullest, and Insurance Direct 123 wants to help. We can’t choose that new house for you, but we can make sure your new home is protected. Whether it is Home, Auto, or Pet Insurance, we make it easy!

Who we are

InsuranceDirect123 has become the ultimate insurance buying platform for Maryland insurance buyers.

InsuranceDirect123 is a T3 financial company that was established in January of 2014. Initially, the primary goal of InsuranceDirect123 was to make the insurance buying experience easier for customers. However, within a relatively short period of time, it became very clear to us that we had an additional opportunity. Actually, we had a MISSION. That mission was to help preserve, promote, and protect the independent insurance agent style platform. Because many independent insurance agents can’t afford to compete with online platforms that are consistently being created by the major insurance carriers, InsuranceDirect123 was born.

Essentially, is a site created by professional insurance agents for professional insurance agents. The website is a lead generation site for our insurance agents and those agencies that are affiliated with us.

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